Alienware Outs New Area-51 Gaming Desktop

Pulkit Chandna

New Triad chassis is the most outré thing to come out of Alienware’s stable in recent times

Alienware is bringing back its Area-51 desktop PC and it’s nothing like the previous iterations , having received a pretty radical makeover. The 2014 edition Area-51 gaming rig is what can best be described as the love child of a hexagon and a triangle. Perhaps that is why the company has chosen to call the new hexagonal chassis the “Triad.”

But what is so special about the new Triad chassis? Per the company, there is more to the design than meets the eye. The angled design is said to be better at heat dissipation as compared to the average rectangular chassis. This is because it affords “a large space for hot air to escape where a traditional, rectangular chassis only leaves a small space between it and the wall.” Further, this design is meant to enable easier access to both the front I/O panel and the rear portion.

There is no word yet on the price of the new rig, which will be available for order in October. But it’s a slightly different story when it comes to specs. While the exact specifications are unknown, the official product page contains this technical outline of the Area-51: “The Alienware Area-51 ushers in a new era of performance with 6-core and 8-core Intel Core i7 Extreme processor options [ read our Haswell-E review ] that come factory overclocked and made possible with the new Intel X99 Express chipset alongside 2133Mhz DDR4 memory — up to 32GB in quad channel. Do insane, intensive multitasking like rendering video or extreme performance 4K gaming at your leisure. Experience a custom balance of solid-state and hard drives, enabling the performance of SSD with the storage capacity of HDD. Plus, 802.11ac – the latest wireless protocol – prioritizes streaming video and gaming, so lag is reduced.”

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