Alienware Abducts Killer 2100 Network Card

Paul Lilly

Attention Alienware shoppers: You can now configure a pre-built gaming desktop with Bigfoot Networks' Killer 2100 NIC, Bigfoot announced today.

"Online gamers demand exceptional network performance," said Frank Azor, Product Planning Manager at Alienware. "The combination of Alienware PCs and the Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 gaming network card represents a lethal combination -- maximizing performance for more frags, faster leveling, and higher scores."

Of course, it's Azor's job to sell potential customers on the merits of Bigfoot Networks' latest dedicated NIC, and while our own testing revealed some definite improvements in average ping, we had a hard time discerning any subjective difference between the Killer 2100 versus the onboard Realtek Ethernet chip found on the Asus P7P55D-E we used for testing (see our full review of the Killer 2100 here ).

Still want one? If so, Bigfoot says its Killer 2100 card is configurable in Dell's entire Alienware desktop lineup, and is also available as a direct purchase upgrade from

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