AIM to Speak More Social Languages


AOL has begun integrating its popular instant messaging service with two other social networking moguls: Facebook and Twitter. In July, they released a beta version of the AIM Client that connected the services to the application. With the updated beta version you were able to view friends’ status updates from Facebook and tweets from Twitter.

In a more recent update to the beta client, AIM now also gives you the power to update your Facebook status, as well as tweet from your Twitter account, all from within the AIM client. The updated “Lifestream” section of the application also features integration into other popular networking tools such as Flickr and YouTube.

A seemingly smart move by AOL, they’ve moved past their competitors, Yahoo Messenger and Live Messenger, by providing these additional, and in some cases, exclusive features.

Find more information about the AIM beta client and download a copy yourself here.

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