After Meltdown, Former N-Control PR Rep Attempting to Extort Company

Ryan Whitwam

The saga of PR failure from Paul Christoforo, the now former PR man for N-Control, is not over. After his verbal abuse of a customer led to some good old fashioned Internet justice, N-Control’s new PR guy has let slip some details of how Christoforo is conducting himself and attempting to extort money from N-Control.

According to new PR rep Moisés Chiullan, Christoforo has been claiming via email that his tantrum was the best thing that ever happened to the delayed Avenger Controller. He says the attention will make the company a success, and he wants compensation. Chiullan claims that Christoforo has been holding various email and social media accounts for N-Control hostage in an effort to get a favorable contract drawn up.

Christoforo reportedly wants an upfront bonus, and ongoing compensation for the foreseeable future. N-Control is not backing down, and is evaluating its options for dealing with Christoforo. The new representative has clarified that the Avenger Controller website is not under Christoforo’s control, so mail sent there should be answered properly.

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