Affordable Fermi Cards to Debut in Mid 2010

Paul Lilly

For those of you holding out for Nvidia's Fermi architecture, the good news is your wait is almost over. The graphics chip maker said it plans to launch a pair of Fermi-based videocards on March 26, just a month away. The bad news, however, is that these will likely be in short supply and carry a premium price tag (see here ).

Ready for some more good news? Comments made by Nvidia's CFO seem to suggest that less expensive (read: affordable) Fermi parts will likely be made available by mid-2010 .

"Fermi will show up as the GeForce and Tesla first and it will definitely show up first in the highest-performance configuration. Sometime in the mid-part of the year we will see a lower-cost version of that come out both for Quadro and Tesla," said David White, Nvidia's CFO.

White stopped short of detailing what these parts might be or exactly how much they'll cost, but assuming he's right, we won't have long to wait to find out.

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