'Advertised Update' Leads to Sharp Decline in Firefox 3.6 Usage

Pulkit Chandna

Yesterday, Microsoft expressed its pleasure at dwindling Internet Explorer 6 usage, which has now fallen below the 1 percent mark in the United States. Though not quite as old, Firefox 3.6 is, in a lot of ways, Mozilla’s Internet Explorer 6 -- a sanctuary for users trying to evade advancement. Firefox 3.6’s market share has been a source of some concern for the open-source outfit over the past few months, especially given the fact that it was released around a couple of years ago and ceased to be the latest version over nine months back.

But Mozilla now has some reason to be pleased. Net Applications' latest browser usage data shows a considerable decline in Firefox 3.6 usage during December, with the browser losing almost a percentage point in going from 5.3 percent to 4.4 percent of the browser market during the month.

This is the most significant decline since June, a month in which Firefox 3.6 usage dropped by 2.1 percentage points. It was in all likelihood triggered by Mozilla’s “advertised update” last month, requesting holdouts to update to the latest version of Firefox. Mozilla now needs to persuade the remaining holdouts, who still account for almost 20 percent of its browser’s installed base. Firefox 3.6 is scheduled to be "end-of-lifed" on April 24, 2012, according to Mozilla's site.

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