Adventure Gaming Legend Tim Schafer Plays 'Day of the Tentacle' and Offers Commentary

Paul Lilly

Revisiting a classic 20 years after its release

Like many old school gamers, I cut my teeth on adventure games and have many fond memories of titles put out by LucasFilm/LucasArts back in the day. I spent many hours trying to solve puzzles in games like Maniac Mansion and its sequel, Day of the Tentacle, which came out nearly 21 years ago. If you have a lunch break to spare, sit back and watch as Tim Schafer plays through part of Day of the Tentacle while offering insight into the game's design.

Big props go to our sister brand, PC Gamer , for the heads up on this one. The YouTube video embedded below is Part 1 of Tim Schafer playing through the game, which he says he hasn't touched since the 1990s. What's even more interesting than the blast from the past you get from seeing the game is the fairly steady stream of commentary.

According to PC Gamer , this was originally intended as bonus content for the Double Fine Adventure documentary, but the first part of a continuing series is now online for everyone to see. It's a rare look inside gaming, especially this long after a game's launch, and you'll learn things like why the development team decided to include the original Maniac Mansion inside the sequel, who inspired the characters in the game, what Schafer and his co-workers thought about adventure games being made by the competition, and plenty more.

Here it is:

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