Adults Use Twitter Twice as Much as Last Year, Pew Study Finds

Paul Lilly

Online adults who use Twitter are microblogging their thoughts twice as much as they were one year ago, according to a comprehensive study by Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. Pew Research pinged over 2,200 adults, including 901 cell phone interviews, on their Twitter usage and then broke the results into several categories and demographics sure to excite statisticians.

The study found that 15 percent of online adults use Twitter and 8 percent Tweet their musings on a daily basis. That's not much more than the 13 percent of online adults who said they used Twitter back in May 2011, but the proportion who tweet their thoughs on a daily basis has doubled in that same timeframe, and quadrupled since late 2010.

That's only the tip of the statistical iceberg. Pew Internet went bananas breaking down Twitter usage by sex, age, race, annual household income, education level, and geographic location, and then did the same for adults who use Twitter on a mobile phone. Some of the trends aren't all that surprising, like learning Twitter is most popular among adults ages 18-29 and least popular among adults at or over the age of 65. Others are curiously interesting, like the fact that Twitter usage is highest among adults with no high school diploma and second highest with those sporting a college degree, a trend that coincides with the lowest (less than $30,000/year) and highest ($75,000+) income levels.

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