Adobe Updates Flash for Android to Fix 'Green Screen' Bug

Pulkit Chandna

Adobe may have brought the curtain down on the development of Flash for mobile devices, but it has not entirely forsaken existing users of its Flash Player for Android. Seeing as the browser plugin is so infamous for its numerous bugs and security vulnerabilities, it would be criminal on Adobe’s part if it were to completely extricate itself from Flash for Android all of a sudden. Last month, the company released the last major Flash update for Android, adding Android 4.0 support to the plugin. Now it has released a minor followup to that update in the form of Flash Player .

In keeping with its announcement of only providing “critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations”, this update includes no new features whatsoever. However, it does include “enhancements and bug fixes related to stability, performance, and device compatibility.” The most important issue addressed by this update is that of Flash only showing a green screen during video playback on some ICS devices. That said, there are a number of known issues that still remain unresolved and will be fixed sometime in the near future.

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