Adobe to Patch Critical Reader Bug Thursday

Pulkit Chandna

Adobe said today that it will issue a security update on Thursday to address a critical Reader vulnerability , which was first reported by security researcher Charlie Miller at last month's Black Hat security conference in Vegas. The company had acknowledged the bug earlier this month and promised an “out-of-band” update to patch the bug.

The said bug, which can be exploited using a special TrueType font, can be used to execute arbitrary code. According to Miller, Adobe first learnt of the vulnerability from Google security engineer Tavis Ormandy. "Apparently @taviso previously reported to Adobe the Reader 0-day I dropped at BH. Haha, ruined his effort at trying to be responsible," Miller quipped in a Tweet Tuesday.

Tavis Ormandy was recently in the crosshairs after he went public with a critical vulnerability in Windows' HCP protocol only a few days after notifying Microsoft about it.

Adobe is often maligned for the number of vulnerabilities in its software. Of course, one could argue that the prevalence of Adobe software has made it one of the most targeted 3rd  party software vendor and  there is little it can do to change that, but the fact is that the San Jose-based company has been leisurely in addressing security concerns.

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