Adobe to Apple: "We've moved on," Sucka

Paul Lilly

If Adobe is the least bit worried about Apple's refusal to incorporate Flash support into its product line, the company is holding steady a pretty convincing poker face. Check out what Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen recently said about the whole ordeal.

"Apple made some statements about the suitability of our technology for mobile devices," Narayen starts off. "I think we’ve proven that the technology is not only suitable but it actually significantly enhances the value on these mobile devices. They’ve chosen to keep their system closed and we’d rather work with partners who are interested in working with us. We believe in open systems. We believe in the power of the Internet and in customers making choices and I think a lot of the controversy was about their decision at that point. They’ve made their choice. We’ve made ours and we’ve moved on . It’s a business decision. With the energy and innovation that our company has, we’d rather focus on people who want to deliver the best experience with Flash and there are so many of them."

Bolded text is our emphasis, not Narayan's, but it might as well have been his. Call us naive, but Adobe actually sounds believable in its stance this time around, which hasn't always been the case since this feud began.

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