Adobe Shows Off FlashTime Video Calling for Android

Ryan Whitwam

Adobe has given us a peek at a peer-to-peer video calling system on Android that uses the cross-platform Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). The name of the app is, get ready for it, FlashTime. Yeah, take that Apple. The app has direct access to the camera hardware just as a standard app would, and works much as Apple's FaceTime service does. The system uses Adobe's Stratus servers to connect two devices (in this case Nexus Ones).

The point here doesn't seem to be to show something completely new, as Android users already have apps like Fring and Qik to make video calls. Adobe is just showing what their Flash products can do on mobile phones. The FlashTime app will presumably be easy to port to other platforms on which Flash is available.

This isn't going to help to patch things up between Apple and Adobe, but maybe in this brave new world, Adobe can get by without the iPhone. If there were a reliable cross-platform video chat app like FlashTime on your phone, would you use it?

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