Adobe Ships Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack

Paul Lilly

Don't expect Adobe to give up on its Flash platform any time soon. Adobe is as enthused about Flash as it ever was, but that doesn't mean the company is going to ignore the whole HTML5 thing, either. On the contrary, Adobe just went and released an add-on pack for its Illustrator software that converts it into an HTML5 authoring tool. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Export named character styles as CSS
  • Export artwork appearances as CSS
  • Included selected Graphic Styles as CSS in SVG
  • Created parametrized SVG (vector graphics tagged with variables)
  • Create multiple-screen SVG (leveraging media queries to serve up design variations)

According to Adobe, most of the creations designed with the add-on pack will work in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and will probably be compatible with Internet Explorer 9.

"I'm curious to see whether this news makes it onto the Mac sites that've beaten Adobe up for a perceived lack of enthusiasm about HTML5 (tough, as it just doesn't fit that sterile, stupid narrative)," John Nack, Principal Product Manger, Adobe Photoshop, wrote in a blog post . "The funny thing is that these changes build on the SVG support that Illustrator has been shipping for ten years . Sometimes it just takes a while for the world to catch up."

We guess that Apple-induced chip on Adobe's shoulder is still there.

Image Credit: Adobe

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