Adobe Says Goodbye to Creative Suite, Hello to Creative Cloud

Paul Lilly

It's the cloud or bust for Adobe and its customers.

Can you feel the ground shaking? That's just Adobe , which today made an earth-rattling announcement regarding its plans to go all-in with the cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud is the company's new flagship offering, a re-imagining of the Creative Suite, if you will, which will no longer see new releases (so no Creative Suite 7, which many anticipated would be announced today) but will continue to be supported.

"We launched Creative Cloud a year ago and it has been a runaway success," said David Wadhwani , senior vice president and general manager, Digital Media, Adobe. "By focusing our energy -- and our talented engineers -- on Creative Cloud, we’re able to put innovation in our members’ hands at a much faster pace."

With today's update, files can be stored, synced, and shared via its Creative Cloud subscription service on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, a Creative Cloud subscription gives users access to just about every product Adobe offers, including Photoshop, for $50/month (those who own a Creative Suite product are eligible for a discounted $30/month rate for the first year).

Adobe is also releasing an updated suite of cloud applications, now called CC apps, that include Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamwever CC, and Premier Pro CC. If all you're interested in is a single app, you'll still have the option of subscribing to it for $20/month rather than being forced to pay for the entire Creative Cloud collection.

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