Adobe Releases Flash Player 10 to Overshadow Silverlight 2

Pulkit Chandna

Adobe Flash Player 10 has been released. Its release follows a day after its only notable competitor Microsoft Silverlight 2 became available. The latest iteration of Flash is filled with many enhancements including native 3D transformation and animation, custom filters and effects, advanced audio processing and GPU hardware acceleration .

Adobe’s senior marketing manager in the Platform Business Unit, Tom Barclay, said that the Flash Player 10 is capable of “things not possible with Silverlight 2.” The direct reference to Silverlight 2 underscores the amount of respect Adobe accords to its seemingly innocuous rival – just about enough. Barclay heavily touted the addition of Adobe Pixel Blender-related functionality in the new edition. Flash Player 10 has simultaneously become available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Image Credit: FITC

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