Adobe Releases 29 Security Patches for Acrobat and Reader

Ryan Whitwam

Security flaws in Adobe reader and Acrobat are nothing new, but in a recent round of updates, Adobe has patched 29 vulnerabilities at once . The updates also included a new software updater that should, once activated, deliver patches in a more effective way.

This will be a welcome change for anyone that’s had to use the current updater. It only checks for updates to Adobe software weekly, and given the frequency of exploits in their products, it isn’t enough. Some updates would even mysteriously vanish from the updater, leaving users vulnerable. This should all change with the new version.

The other vulnerabilities addressed in the set of patches revolved mostly around remote code execution attacks. One of which was already in use around the internet. Adobe warned Mac and Unix users that the same vulnerabilities exist on their platforms as well. The internet is a dangerous place.

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