Adobe Photoshop CS6 Public Beta Ready For Download

Maximum PC Staff

Lots of great free alternatives to Photoshop exist, but for a hardcore photo editor it is still the gold standard. The last major revision came with the release of creative suite 5 in April 2010, so an update is long overdue. Photoshop CS6 features a ton of new features such content aware filling, vastly improved performance, and the ability to streamline several of the design tools. If any of the above catches your interest you should probably head on over to the download page and grab yourself a copy of the beta .

The beta activation is expected to last until the release of the finished product sometime in May, but they might offer a grace period as well. It is also worth noting that for existing Photoshop users, CS6 will install alongside CS5, allowing you to switch back and forth as needed. The PC version of the download is around 1.7GB, and for Mac users it’s a measly 984MB.

Want a complete breakdown of the new features in video form? Here is a link for your clicking pleasure.

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