Adobe Now Guarantees Access to Lightroom Photos Even Beyond Subscription Expiry

Pulkit Chandna

Lightroom 5.5 update addresses “lingering concern”

Over a year back, Adobe abandoned its pay-once, use-forever Creative Suite in favor of a subscription-based app distribution model. Despite the ensuing furor, the company’s recurring annual revenue from Creative Cloud subscriptions has grown to over $1.20 billion. That being said, the company seems willing to address some of the gripes of its over 2.4 million Creative Cloud subscribers — well, especially where Lightroom users are concerned.

Last month, it made the once promotional $9.99 per month (annually) Creative Cloud Photography bundle, which includes access to Photoshop and Lightroom, a permanent part of its product portfolio , giving users of its popular photography apps a more affordable alternative to the $50-per-month Creative Cloud annual subscription. (Note: A perpetual license option is also available but the standalone Lightroom bought thus does not come with any mobile capabilities.) Now the company says it has addressed a major issue that has been bothering those who happen to access Lightroom under one of the subscription plans.

“With the latest update to Lightroom 5.5 I believe we’ve also addressed a lingering concern in the community: What happens to my photographs after my membership ends?  With Lightroom 5.5, at the end of a membership, the desktop application will continue to launch and provide access to the photographs managed within Lightroom as well as the Slideshow, Web, Book or Print creations that we know many photographers painstakingly create,” Tom Hogarty, principal product manager of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, said in a blog post Thursday.

“The Develop and Map modules have been disabled in order to signal the end of the membership and the need to renew in order to receive Adobe’s continuous innovation in those areas. Access to Lightroom mobile workflows will also cease to function. We hope this meets the expectations of our customers and we look forward to an ongoing dialog.”

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