Adobe Nixes Photoshop Album Starter Edition

Paul Lilly

Adobe has announced it is discontinuing its Photoshop Album Starter Edition software, which resides at the bottom of Adobe's image-editing products. No new product is taking its place, and instead Adobe is encouraging users to move their photos to the company's online web portal.

"As part of our commitment to providing customers with a free photo-editing solution, we have created, an exciting new online service that lets you upload, organize, edit, store (up to 2GB free), and share your photos," Adobe wrote in a note to its customers.

Then note went on to list steps for exporting photos from Photoshop Album Starter Edition to, as well as asked customers to "consider an upgrade to Adobe Photoshop Elements 7," essentially a stripped-down version of Photoshop CSx with a much lower price tag.

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