Adobe Launches Reader 9


Adobe makes the wait for Reader 9 a short one, rolling out the companion to its heavily upgraded Acrobat 9 family just days after releasing Acrobat 9 . Reader 9 supports all of the new multimedia features in Acrobat 9, including embedded Flash videos, and like Acrobat 9, loads much faster than its predecessor. Download it here .

Acrobat 9 and Reader 9 enable PDF files to be much more than on-screen representations of paper documents; PDF documents can now deliver text, animations, hypermedia, video, and much more . You can try Acrobat 9 free for 30 days to discover if its new-found power is worthwhile, and use Reader 9 to view your creations.

By the way, one major benefit of Reader 9 is that the Javascript vulnerability we discussed here affects only older versions of Reader. So, are you planning to give it a try? If you prefer a third-party PDF reader, which one do you like? Give us your thoughts.

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