Adobe Has a Dream: 250 Million Flash-enabled Smartphones by 2012-end


Apple and Adobe have been trading verbal blows quite regularly, with both companies even accusing each other of being a “closed system” at an unwittingly hilarious point in their duel. But Apple’s resolute vow to never allow Flash on the iPhone and iPad means Adobe, whether it likes it or not, will have to concentrate on other mobile devices. And it does seem to have the blessings of nearly all other major players in the smartphone market.

It is counting on their support to help the Flash Player reach 250 million smartphones by the end of 2012. The latest Flash Player 10.1 will soon be supported by nearly all the major smartphone platforms - Android, Blackberry, webOS, Symbian and Windows Phone 7. According to a Reuters news report, industry analysts expect around 20 million smartphones to support the propriety media technology this year.

But Adobe might just be counting its chickens too early, especially given its failures to bridge the vast gulf between desktop and mobile versions of the Flash players. It can’t really afford another failed attempt.

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