Adobe Flash Coming To Android 4.0 In 2011 As Last Update

Ryan Whitwam

Early adopters of Google’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, were a little concerned when Adobe Flash didn’t come pre-loaded on the device, and was nowhere to be found in the Android Market. With the recent announcement that Adobe was walking away from mobile Flash, many users expected this to be the abrupt end of the line. Now Adobe has explained its position in a more nuanced way than before, and users won’t be left out in the cold just yet.

In the case of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a version of Adobe Flash Player will be developed, and should be in the Android Market before the end of the year. However, this is the last major update the software will get. Adobe is super-serious this time. Really. Whatever the next major release of Android is, there will be no Flash Player plug-in.

If Google’s release cycle hold up, that means that users have roughly one year until phones start shipping that are incompatible with mobile Flash content. Do you think HTML5 will rule the web in time?

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