Adobe Counted 20 Million Flash-enabled Smartphones in 2010

Pulkit Chandna

Apple’s snub of Adobe Flash has had no impact on the latter’s popularity among other smartphone and tablet vendors. If anything, it has probably whetted their appetite for the Flash Player. According to Adobe, at the end of 2010 there were more than 20 million smartphones with Flash 10.1 - the first truly mobile-optimized version of the software.

The San Jose-based software firm expects both Flash and AIR to get  even more unstoppable this year. If its estimates prove correct, the ranks of mobile devices with Flash could swell to over 130 million units by the end of this year . It also expects its cross-platform AIR runtime to spread to 200 million smartphones and tablets in 2011. AIR is currently supported by 84 million devices.

"The proliferation of Flash is actually happening," David Wadhwani, executive and senior vice president for Adobe’s Creative and Interactive Solutions, told journalists on Thursday. "Flash does not run in the browser on iOS devices yet, but we're confident – given the momentum we're seeing on other devices and the consumer interest – that we're on the right track."

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