Adobe Clarifies Timeline for Flash on Honeycomb Tablets

Ryan Whitwam

After the hubbub over the lack of initial Flash support on the Motorola Xoom, Adobe has deemed it necessary to issue a statement on the matter . The previous "Spring 2011" timeframe for Flash to rollout was not sitting well apparently. On the Adobe blog, The company posted that it will be just a few weeks until Flash 10.2 is ready for tablets.

When the code is done, it will go out as an OTA update for some tablets. The Xoom is specifically mentioned here. But we are also told that some Honeycomb tablets will have Flash pre-installed out of the box. It is clear that Adobe is hoping to head off any fears that the anointed Google tablet OS will be languishing without Flash.

Adobe expects 50 different tablets in 2011 to have access to the Flash plug-in. We are a little concerned that there could be more hardware specificity in the new version of Flash. If Honeycomb is running on a chip other than Tegra, will the code have to be altered beforehand?

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