Adobe Cautions Users Against License Key Phishing Scam

Brittany Vincent

Ho, ho, horrible attempts at phishing

'Tis the season for phishing scams. You've probably already seen quite a few here and there, and now there's another one to add to the list. There's a license key scam swirling around inboxes from scammers claiming to be Adobe , straight from the company itself.

Adobe reports the campaign attempts to lure users to download a ZIP attachment containing an executable file with malware inside. As usual, the actual email itself (viewable via ZDNet ) is riddled with weird sentence structure and pronouns that aren't capitalized, so it shouldn't be difficult for tech-savvy users to tell if it's a fake -- especially if they haven't even purchased an Adobe product in the past.

Keep safe while attending to your holiday affairs, and don't open up that executable file!

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