AdMob Survey Shows 28% of Tablet Owners Consider it their Primary PC

Maximum PC Staff

Google’s AdMob division collects a ton of data on the general public’s web surfing habits, but recently released statistics on tablet usage might actually surprise you. According to a recent survey more than 28 percent of all respondents said that a tablet is their primary computer. As technology enthusiasts that admission should send chills up your spine on the future of computing in general, and points out just how little of a computer’s full potential is utilized by the vast majority of users.

When asked how most people use their tablets:
- 84 % play games
- 78 % search for information
- 74% email
- 61% read news
- 56% use social networks
- 51% watch videos or listen to music
- 46% read e-books
- 42% shop online

According to the survey the one area where tablets are really lagging is in enterprise adoption, with only 7 percent of respondents reportedly using the devices at work. In fact, 82 percent of all tablets sold are only used at home, but are all used for at least one hour a day. Enterprise adoption is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years, particularly among sales and business professionals who stand to benefit the most from an always-connected dashboard of events.

Do you own a tablet? If so how do these stats align with your personal usage?

(Image Credit: BetaNews )

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