Adios, DDR3: Micron Says Its DDR4 DRAM Modules Are Coming In 2013

Brad Chacos

What's the future of memory look like? NAND flash ? Hybrid memory cubes ? The memory makers over at Micron have their hands in both of those technologies, but they're also banking on a third form hitting the streets before too long, bearing a striking resemblance to the DDR3 we all know and love. This weekend, the company announced that "its first fully functional DDR4 DRAM module" is up and running and should make it to market in 2013.

DDR4 has higher clock speeds and data transfer rates than DDR3 while simultaneously using less voltage than its predecessor, although the final standard for the DDR4 format isn't expected to be formalized until later this year. Micron wants to have its foot in the DDR4 door the second it opens; the 4GB DRAM modules being developed currently are based off Micron's 30nm manufacturing technology and were designed in conjunction with Nanya, another memory company. Select Micron customers already have the DDR4 module in hand for testing and feedback.

Micron plans on rolling out DDR4 RDIMMs, LRDIMMs, 3DS, SODIMMs and UDIMMs -- is that enough acronyms for you? -- with initial buyers coming from the enterprise and server markets, then trickling down into consumer and mobile technology. Micron hopes to kick the 4GB DDR4 modules into full-on production in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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