Add Some Bing to Your Google Homepage

Ryan Whitwam

Is the stock Google homepage looking just a little too bland these days? Google has maintained the same minimalist look for it entire history, with only the occasional doodle to liven things up. This is the polar opposite of Bing, which busts out snazzy images every day. Well, now you can add a custom background image to

Won't this basically destroy the nifty minimalist aspect of the Google homepage? Probably. But no one says you have to pick a busy image, or that you have to use the feature at all. The new feature is currently rolling out and should be available to everyone in a few days. Check the lower left corner of the page to see if you have the option yet. We wouldn't be surprised to see corporations start branding the Google homepage just because they can.

Do you plan to change your Google background, or is the stock look best?

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