Add Intel to the List of Tech Giants Not Interested in HP's PC Business

Paul Lilly

We're not aware of rumors suggesting Intel has any intention of going after Hewlett Packard's PC business, but just in case, the world's largest chip maker came out and set the record straight at its Intel Developer Forum. Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini views such a move as competing with his customers, and that's not something Intel wants to do.

"We like where we are in the ecosystem. We are a silicon-maker. As for competing with our customers, I don't see us going there," Otellini said, according to Fudzilla .

HP's search for a buyer continues, and so far there haven't been any major leads. For awhile, Samsung was pegged as a possible buyer, but the company squashed those rumors back in August. That leaves HP in an awkward position with its customers, as it could take up to 18 months for something to materialize.

"The biggest risk we see here is that the PC business could be in 'lame duck status' and its business could come under pressure with uncertainty and competitors taking advantage of it," said Shaw Wu, an analyst with Sterne Agee, according to CNet .

Wu followed that up by saying "investor exasperation with the company is the highest we have seen in 13 years following the sector."

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