Adata S107 USB Flash Drives Can Survive a Drop in the Drink

Paul Lilly

The only thing you'll be singing in the rain if you get your USB flash drive all wet and slushy is the soggy data blues. Why you would choose to wield a storage device in a downpour is a riddle we're not here to answer, but if you do fear water wrecking your data, Adata wants you to know about its new S107 USB flash drive series . These new drives are built with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and are both waterproof and shock resistant.

The NAND flash memory chips are protected by a "unique" silicone rubber case, so whether you drop it in a glass of lemonade or down a flight of stairs, it should still work when you plug it in (Protip: dry it off before inserting into your PC.

Adata rates the 8GB model at up to 95MB/s sequential read and up to 15MB/s sequential write speeds, the 16GB at 100MB/s and 25MB/s, and the 32GB at 100MB/s and 50MB/s. The drives are available now in Scarlet Red and Wild Blue for $20 (8GB), $30 (16GB), and $65 (32GB).

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Image Credit: Adata

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