Adata Releases Industry's First Single DDR3L-1333 8GB Module

Paul Lilly

We admittedly missed Adata's July 4th announcement of a new memory module because, well, like many of our readers residing in the U.S. of A., we were burning burgers and being careful not to lose any typing fingers setting off fireworks (legal ones, of course). Though we're a few days late, it's worth pointing out Adata's new 8GB XPG Gaming Series DDR3L 1333G desktop memory module, the only 8GB low voltage memory stick (not kit) in existence boasting a 1333MHz frequency.

The 8GB part is a low voltage (1.35V), high-density stick designed for power users and overclockers alike. It comes tuned with 9-9-9-24 latency timings and fully complies with JEDEC specifications. Adata claims each memory chip used in the new module is first subjected to a rigorous screening process, which are then paired with high-quality circuit boards and aluminum heatsinks.

"With the popularity of 64-bit operating systems, high-density memory is a prerequisite in many gamers’ minds. We are the first to launch DDR3L 1333G high-density 8GB memory modules, achieved in the XPG Gaming Series," Adata DRAM product planning department project manager Alex Wu explained . "This product adopts a 1.35 volt design, to offer gamers excellent stability and efficiency and also reduce waste heat and power consumption costs."

Adata says the its new XPG Gaming Series DDR3L 1333G memory is available as a single stick and in 16GB (2x8GB) packages. No word on price.

Image Credit: Adata

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