Adata Launches XPG V2 DRAM with Redesigned Heatspreaders

Paul Lilly

Funky or futuristic? You be the judge!

Adata is clearly making a fashion statement with the redesigned heatspreaders it slapped onto its new XPG V2 series of DRAM products designed for 3rd Generation Intel Core processors and the Z87 platform. Exactly which statement is up for debate. Some might view them as funky fresh, others might consider them fugly, but Adata says they were designed with a "futuristic form."

While beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, performance is in the hands of the designer and Adata's binning process. The new modules will come in dual-channel kits of 8GB and 16GB ranging in frequency from 1600MHz to 2800MHz. The highest frequency kits (8GB and 16GB DDR3-2800) will run at CL12-14-14-36 with 1.65V, while the rest are rated slightly tighter at CL11-13-13-35 at either 1.65V or 1.5V, depending on the kit.

Underneath the extruded heatsink on each module is a 2-ounce double-copper PCB (printed circuit board). The chips themselves are "selected through a strict filtering process," Adata says.

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