Adata Launches SH14 Portable Hard Drive for Accident Prone Data Travelers

Paul Lilly

Adata is out to prove that tough and rugged doesn't have to mean to rough and ugly. That's the message Adata is trying to send with its new SH14 portable hard drive line, which sports a "super-tough exterior" yet is stylish with "a smooth surface texture that is seldom seen in external drives" courtesy of some form of unique silicon material, Adata says.

You can pick up the SH14 in one of three capacities, including 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB. Each of the 2.5-inch drives spins at 5400RPM and transfers data up to 90MB/s via a USB 3.0 interface.

The outer casing Adata is so fond of provides military grade shockproof and water-resistant protection, so spilling your coffee on the drive or dropping it down a flight of steps shouldn't wreck your data, or your day.

Adata didn't announce a price or ship date, but did say the SH14 will ship in "Passion Red" and "Jet Black" and be eligible for a 60-day trial download of Norton Internet Security 2011 and HDDtoGo backup software.

Image Credit: Adata

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