Adata Gooses XPG Xtreme Series RAM to 2133MHz, Rolls Out 8GB and 16GB 2133X Kits

Paul Lilly

If you have a need for some serious speed in your system setup, Adata hopes to be your Top Gun with its new flavors of XPG Series DDR3 memory. Now available at a blistering 2133MHz, Adata's new XPG Xtreme Series 2133X kits come in 8GB (2x4GB) and 16GB (2x8GB) dual-channel kits, though there's nothing stopping you from picking up a pair and running them in a quad-channel configuration.

The new kits operate at a standard 1.65 volts and push latency settings of 10-11-11-30 for up to 34.1GB/s of bandwidth. To ensure reliable performance, Adata says it essentially cherry picks the chips in these memory kits, which are "selected through a strict filtering process" and then slapped on a high performance 8-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB)..

Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) 1.3 are also supported and compatible with Intel's P67, X79, Z68, Z75, and Z77 platforms.

The new kits are available now in the U.S. and Canada for $90 (8GB) and $190 (16GB).

Image Credit: Adata

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