Adata Boss Expects DRAM Prices To Go Up Next Month

Brad Chacos

In these lean economic times, a punch to the wallet hurts almost as much as a punch to the gut – and rising HDD prices have us all stumbling and woozy. Creative problem solvers with hefty mobos may have found their thoughts turning towards a mind-blowing RAM disk as one possible solution, given the rock-bottom prices of memory these days. Toss that out the window. Adata’s Chairman and CEO said that the DRAM production cutbacks that memory makers kicked in earlier in the year will take effect as early as January, which means – yep – you’ll be paying more for DRAM soon, too.

Too be honest, DRAM has been shockingly cheap for a while now, so it’s no surprise to see a market correction taking place. It just sucks that it has to happen at the same time that hard drive prices are skyrocketing.

Simon Chen also told DigiTimes that while many other manufacturers turned to other types of memory to sustain themselves during the lean times, Adata and Kingston kept their focus on DRAM modules. And while some may think that the rise of SSDs (in Ultrabooks, for example) signal the death bell for plain old DRAM, Chen says that the rapid explosion of the cloud – and its thirst for cheap storage – should keep DRAM demand steady for the forseeable future.


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