Activision Blizzard Sees Decline in Profit and WoW Subscribers, Still Beats Expectations



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WOW is out of date, as other would say its not my cup of tea. While people complain about how paying per month is non-sense, buying a triple A title for 60-70 dollars then pay another 40-60 dollars for a "seasonal pass" or "premium" means paying almost the same amount you pay for in a 15 dollar per month MMO in a year (don't forget taxes!), and yes many MMO's offer discounts when you subscribe for more then 6 months so it almost equates to ONE triple A title. Imagine the games that follow the "buy the DLC" concept it only gets worse.

I moslty play eve online (I enjoy other P2P MMO's as well), I've been paying for some time to play. Its not the same as WOW, it is very in depth and very fun. SO for anyone assuming that all MMO's follow the WOW trend, you are wrong. I will bet you many WOW players themselves will not touch games like Eve Online because its much more in depth and complex to play. Yes, this means you need a brain to play these sort of games, not just basic math skills if you want to be proficient. As Usual its not a super popular title but the majority of people these days don't like having challenges in their games.

Its not an "investment" that keeps me playing pay to play MMO's its the fact that they are usually more invigorating and content full then the new games coming out today. Console gamers/FPS casual gamers in my experience have always just looked at short term pro's and con's to make their decisions and I have no doubt that they would never understand why MMO's are not dead yet or why they are not on the console. I'm not saying console gamers/FPS casual gamers are all stupid, but there sure is a correlation between those people and consoles. Then again there are stupids or "unreasonable" people in every platform.



Rather telling that it can lose more subscribers than Elder Scrolls Online even has and still have 6.8 million of them. They'll be releasing Warlords of Draenor eventually and that'll boost the numbers. I may even check that out (since quitting in July 2011). I'd like to see the reworked character models (finally).



I would play WoW but it is pay per month, that turns me away from it.



I think the whole concept of MMOs is passe. I bet most of those who remain are only there because of the time they've 'invested' (as that's how they look at it). They don't really enjoy it anymore, going for the 300th time through the memorized X raid for a chance to get their last piece of the Pink Butterfly Armor (+50 whatever), only so the next expansion has random trash mobs dropping 'generic armor' (+51 whatever).

I've lost count of how many 'WoW killer' MMOs have appeared in the last 10 years, only to fall, and the giant WoW also losing subscribers every month for the last couple of years (with only temporary upticks coinciding with releases of new expansions).



As an MMO player, I'd say that MMO's have neither been passe or trending. Sure, WOW and other MMO's have gathered millions of players, but many MMO's are fundamentally nerdy with steep learning curves and lots of different tasks to juggle, not to mention needing to actually do math to figure out whether your character is optimized for x battle or y raid environment. This kind of MMO is not for the majority. Furthermore, the concept of MMO has evolved into many types of online-multiplayer games that are conceptually much different from the traditional WOW or WOW-clone.

MMO players play their game for different reasons. Some are for the reasons you mention - it is completely legitimate - but others find a community or story in an MMO that they love being a part of. Traditional MMO's like WOW are akin to nerdy role-playing or LARPing, it is just a different medium than some choose.

So many MMO's do rise and fall fast, but you must consider the attractions they really offer. For me, I play LOTRO and stay with it because I like the community and LOTR in general. It is an added bonus that raids stay fun and the devs are good at refreshing content and adding new things to do. It's just a different kind of gaming.

For the record, if I played WOW I'd probably be in the camp you mention - the "I don't enjoy it but am still invested" camp. Of course, I don't play WOW. It's just not my kind of MMO. It's all relativity.



This game and a lot of others had the chance could very easily be reworked to play on either of the two newer video game consoles. The question should be, why hasn't it happened?

Wouldn't hurt to add that many million potentials that have the consoles.

Some companies would rather take the easier trail than the more challenging one. But at the rate this company is going at, and the gamble of a market that is floating most of the company



MMOs are an abomination to the console business model. I'm guessing people that play WoW dont play much of anything else. If the customer only buy one game then the consoles will never recoup their losses because they sold their hardware at a loss.



Actually never though of that in that perspective; you are correct.



Not unexpected. Once you get all of the gear you want there's really nothing that makes it worth $15 a month until the next expansion or new content is released.