Activision: Infinity Ward Still Developing a New Call of Duty Game

Nathan Grayson

After losing upwards of 35 key employees within a month, one might be tempted to declare Infinity Ward a shell of its former self. Honestly, though, in all likelihood, a shell of Infinity Ward still beats the pants off most other developers. Which – we’re guessing – is why Activision has elected to keep the developer’s headless , gutted torso working on what’s arguably Activision’s most important franchise.

“We don’t usually do this at this time. We’re very focused on our communication right now on the release for this year [Black Ops]. What we have said is that Infinity Ward is working on a Call of Duty title and you’ll hear more details as we advance through the year,” Activision COO Thomas Tippl said during a recent earnings call .

Not too long ago, analysts were abuzz with the idea that Infinity Ward would be “essentially closed” after it put the finishing touches on Modern Warfare 2’s second map pack. Dead studios tell no tales, however, so it would seem that Infinity Ward isn’t down for the count just yet.

And hey, no one’s left Infinity Ward in, like, two days ! See? Things are looking better already.

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