Acme Made The Clyde


If you’re the prototypical geek slob that our research department says you are, then The Clyde is a lot like your desk: It’s big, disorganized, and easily laden with so much crap that you won’t stand a chance in hell of finding anything that isn’t “on top.”

Acme Made’s strangely named messenger bag is a tough, all-ballistic nylon shoulder bag that recalls the reason messenger bags were created in the first place: Its gigantic primary pouch can hold a ton of stuff. Just keep piling it all in there (along with your laptop, which rides in its own included 15.4- or 17-inch sleeve) until you can no longer get the thing snapped shut.

Acme pays lip service to the idea of multiple pockets and dividers: The interior has one segregated divider in the rear, and the front of the bag has two zippered and one Velcroed compartment for smaller items. A cell phone or water bottle pocket sits to one side. But, other than a few pen holsters, that’s about it.

This is a very light bag, and there’s minimal padding throughout. It’s up to that padded interior sleeve to protect your notebook, though it too seems on the thin side. The whole bag is so minimalist that it’s difficult to get it to stand upright. Instead it tends to flop on its side, spilling its guts like a yellowtail on all-you-can-eat-sushi Tuesday.

Colors include black, gray, or brown shells and orange, green, or gold lining. The large model (which we tested) costs $180, while a smaller version is $155.

Month Reviewed: December 2006
Verdict: 6

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