Acer's Aspire Z3-600 All-in-One Packs a Built-in Battery for Computing On-the-Go



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I would be interested if it sported the AMD A10 APU and the ability purchase without Win8, and install something lighter for extended battery life.

In our household, we've severed all ties with cable/satellite TV. I have a large Plex Media Server and something like this would be welcome in our home.

If a very light linux distro (lubuntu or linux lite etc. or even android) could be installed on it along with the Plex client (just for watching/listening to media, surfing the internet, checking mail and Steam gaming with a controller).

It could be easily moved from room to room without any hassles, just like our Android & iPad tablets (only with a larger screen), so more than one person can easily view it as well.

Hopefully one of these system sellers will in time fulfill that niche market someday.



For those of us who work from home, something like this is intriguing.

A good 90% of my working day is spent on the computer running reports, working on spreadsheets, and answering emails and easily 95% of that could be done on this - smaller tablets (even my laptop) are just too small for the reports/spreadsheets I run. That means that even though I'm in the comfort of my own home, I'm still stuck in my office. So to be able to work from anywhere in my house, that'd be nice.

On the "fun" side, while I can't see writing a novel with this on my lap, it would certainly be nice to take it out poolside, to the living-room, or to bed to keep up with emails, FB, to watch Dish Anywhere on, etc...



Acer really thinks someone wants to lug a 21" panel with limited battery life around?

no wonder they are in dire straights.



I don't think it's a terrible idea for in-home computing. It's a stretch to see someone toting this on the bus or something like that, but like Dell's XPS 18, I can see carrying it to bed like an oversized tablet to catch up on Facebook or sports news before hitting the hay.