Acer's P5403 Projector Does 120Hz 3D

Paul Lilly

Acer's trying to play all sides of the field with its new P5403 projector, Sporting an SXGA+ (1400x1050) resolution, Acer says the P5403 is equally adept at displaying spreadsheets as it is at beaming highly detailed images, and it can do 120Hz 3D as well. Advanced lamp technology with illumination of up to 3500 ANSI lumens and a 3000:1 contrast ratio means the P5403 shouldn't choke on text-heavy presentations, and with an optimized 5-segment color wheel, Acer promises high color accuracy.

The P5403 also boasts network management tools for remote monitoring, control, and reporting. Acer says it's compliant with the Crestron Network System, which allows users to control the projector via LAN.

"This solution offers several powerful capabilities, including monitoring, remote power on/off (may be scheduled), remote projection management, multiple-projector control, emergency text broadcasting, online dialogue with the system administrator and e-mail alert system, etc.," Acer said. "In addition, Remote desktop function allows users to remotely access any PC which is activated via the Acer eProjection utility and connected to the projector via LAN. By simply connecting a keyboard and mouse to the projectors users can access a PC located in another room."

The P5403 will ship in the U.K. in March for around $1,530. No word on when it land stateside.

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