Acer's "Chromebook" Launch Forecasted for Mid-2010


DigiTimes says competition is heating up in the netbook market , and it’s Acer, the largest global netbook vendor in 2009, that seems to be feeling most of it. So much so, that Acer may be advancing the release of its Chrome-based netbook to the middle of 2010.

DigiTimes says that Acer shipped nine million netbooks in 2009, about two-thirds more than did second place Asustek. DigiTimes expects that Acer has nearly peaked, with little room for growth in this market, while its main competitors: Asustex, HP, and Samsung, still have plenty of room left.

To keep its lead DigiTimes expects that Acer will release early the Nvidia Ion 2-based Aspire One 532G netbook , which it showcased at the Mobile World Congress. The 532G runs on Google’s Chrome OS. Acer, it seems, is expecting to ship a million of the 532Gs in the first year.

Image Credit: Engadget

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