Acer Waves Industry's First Chromebook Toting an Intel Core i3 Haswell Chip



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For about (well actually literally) twenty more dollars one could get a somewhat entry level (but REAL) laptop computer; cable of operating independently of the internet.

The Acer selection screen for laptops, and the selection option of being just twenty dollars more... Also having an I3 chip, but a significantly larger screen at 15.6 versus 11.6 on the Chrome.

Ironically the Chrome version uses half of the literal batteries (three versus six in the real laptop), but over 50% more power than the laptop, yet the battery durability lasts considerably longer with the Chrome model.

About the only real advantages to someone using the Chrome version; (besides battery life) are the size and weight factors.

Personally I'd have a difficult time getting beyond the issues with what occurs on lack of connectivity, and also the lack of ability to be able to print from ones own device - even if it's ones own WiFi printer.

But also noting... Several Chrome variations (not this Acer version presently) are now offered with a type of limited free WiFi connection - of which the free version is limited in size content of transfers, but also offering paid options as well. It is strongly believed that ALL Chrome models will offer considerably larger free WiFi connection in the very near future.



I thought this was maxpc, not all-inclusive pc. What does a chromebook have to do with the spirit of maxpc?

In any case, I don't get chromebooks. Yes, they are cheap, like, really cheap. And you get what you pay for with them, kinda. So many people were fooled by thinking they were getting a laptop when these came out, boy were they pissed. I'd hope consumers are wise to this now, but you know there are still people that don't know any better out there being taken advantage of by some a-hole salesman trying to move these less-than-useful but probably appropriately priced machines.

No matter.



You could put an i7 4900 series on a Chromebook and it still would be only a chromebook. Why? Keep the price as cheap as possible because that is the ONLY reason to get one.



Precisely! I got my C710 last year for $200, and aside from so-so battery life, it is the perfect web browser, in spite of its Celeron 847.

Comparison of relevant processors (info from Intel and GeekBench):

Atom Z3740, $32, Geekbenches at 2630
Celeron 847, $134, Geekbenches at 1385
i3-4005U, $275, Geekbenches at 3364

'nuff said.



For a web browser, I think a lower-power Bay Trail Atom would have been a better choice. My Lenovo Miix 2 cost me $225 and delivers 80% of the CPU performance of that Chromebook, and charges off of a 10w USB port.