Acer Turns to Android for Latest All-in-One Desktop Solution



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There are two ways you can look at this announcement.

Option 1: Acer is releasing a 24 inch non-portable android tablet for almost $600.

Option 2: Acer is releasing a Windows 8 24 inch touch screen monitor for under $570. Which by the way, also runs Android and all the apps you already purchased for your phone.

I think I'm liking option 2 better. Especially after researching touchscreen monitor prices, this is not bad at all.



I'm sure it will be just dandy until Google releases Android Rueben Sandwich (or whatever they decide to call it) to which I'm sure this device will not get... Ever. Definitely NOT interested.



This is nothing more than a GIANT 24inch TABLET with a stand. It's already outdated & with no hardware updates possible, it will become useless & too underpowered for anything in about 2-3 yrs. a Product for the mindless who have money to waste.



Let's see here... Android doesn'thave a decent Office suite aside from Google Docs, which can be got with a web browser on any device anyway... the same is true of graphic editing, really just about ANY productivity system actually. The vast majority of the games are pedestrian and uncomplicated. driver support is... middling at best.

what's the market here? Not that android couldn't make a decent desktop OS. it's just not there yet... and this is not the product to get it there.



In the future, this will all change. I just see this as one of those "first generation products" that almost never reach the full potential that they were intended for.


Renegade Knight

Android does have the potential to be a desktop OS. This is exactly the kind of computer to help get it there. However as of today. It's not there.



What is the target market for this?

All the people who want the limited functionality of an Android tablet but without the annoying portability?
BTW, nothing against Android Tablets, I like tablets.



Although I won't be buying this, I am curious as to how well the Tegra 3 SoC actually performs on a screen this size. I would have thought a Tegra 4 SoC would have been in line for release schedules.



I've got an Acer A700 which has a 1920x1200 screen but I assume the desktop will be actually 1920x1080. The A700 can feel laggy at points in sharp contrast to the Asus Transformer Infinity which has the same screen resolution and processor (clocked a little higher) but feels much smoother.

I hope Acer worked hard on the software or gave the Tegra 3 a speed bump. In a 24 inch, I don't care if they have to fan cool a mobile SoC, they better clock it fast and get good performance out of it. :p



F**k Android


Paper Jam

I'd like to see a similar setup with Ubuntu Touch installed. And a sub-$500 price tag would also be nice. I like Android on my phone, but I'm not sold on having it on my desktop.