Acer S7 Review



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Yeah, for that price, I'll buy an actual laptop with discrete graphics. Hell, my kid's ASUS ROG gaming laptop was cheaper than this toy.

Stupid to shell out that kind of cash for a web surfing and email toy.



Maybe I'm going crazy, but this is almost identical to my Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD, which has not only been available for sale for much longer, but also has a switchable Nvidia graphics card in it.

The Zenbook has:
-1080 screen
-Matte finish screen (better than the S7 gloss)
-Same crappy Elan touchpad
-Same form factor
-Same processor
-Better battery life
-Intel HD400 and Nvidia GT620M
-Dual Solid state and mechanical hard drives (which I promptly replaced with a 256GB Samsung 830)

So, I'd love to see MaxPC test out the Zenbook to compare....



>>> I'd love to see MaxPC test out the Zenbook to compare<<<

Me too.

When my year-old UX21-E DH-71 Zenbook was recently stolen I strongly considered replacing it with a UX32VD Prime because of the GT620M and upgradeable SSD.

Unfortunately, the 13" formfactor was just too big and heavy so I got an 11" Asus TaiChi21 DH71 instead. Despite the lack of discrete graphics, mere 4GB RAM, and single 240GB SSD, it was a fine replacement with the backlit keyboard, dual 11" 1080p displays, outer touchscreen, and above all, WiDi.

It also represented a way to give Win8 a second chance in a touchscreen/tablet environment after seeing what a dismal failure it was on a "desktop" PC with a 55" display.

If my Zenbook hadn't been stolen I would have waited for Haswell to upgrade, but having to get an immediate replacement, I opted for the TaiChi as the best available Ivybridge ultrabook for my purposes.

My experiences with Acer notebooks have not been all that great, but the dual SSDs in RAID-0 should offer some performance benefits.

I'd love to see a real ultrabook showdown with all the serious contenders present.



When do we start seeing the Ultrabook vs Surface Pro write-ups? What kind of workflow involves the touchscreen? I'm imagining my old Dell monitor with touchscreen capability... it sure would have a lot of mustard and grease on it. The Acer S7 sure is perrty.



Finally, 1080 + IPS + Touch + backlit keys! I agree with just ONE larger SSD and put a GPU with switchable Graphics. Mmmmm... Haswell.... that's what I'm waiting for. Maybe they'll get it right by then (or better I mean).



The "SPARE" elegance? Is no longer sheer, or am I missing something?

It's good that more and more companies are giving these powerful/useful options to customers. (Gorilla glass, etc)



I wonder why there's so much "wasted" space between the keyboard and the hinges for the screen?

" As does its IPS screen, which features a precedent-setting 1920x1080 res—at least, it’s a first among the Ultrabooks we’ve tested."
*sigh* At least some manufacturer finally realized that having a 720 display is not only the antithesis of "ultra" but is also absurd when even YouTube offers 1080+ video.

Those dual SSDs are pretty cool but I'd trade one of 'em in for a discreet GPU instanter; I don't trust the Intel graphics to drive a 1080 display for much & MPC has the benchmarks to corroborate.

This seems to be an almost "strictly better" version of the Lenovo Yoga.



I agree with you on the GPU. One 256 gig SSD instead of two SSDs and use the extra room to squeeze in at least a medium-range discrete GPU and this little guy could be a fairly respectable gaming machine.



The Lenovo Yoga is a convertible, but I do agree about the giant space between the keyboard and the hinges. This would be better with Haswell of course. EVERTING IS MOAR BETTR WIT HASWELL!!1



And EVERYTHING is better than Acer Too!