Acer Co-Founder Stan Shih Returns to Struggling PC Maker After Record Loss



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One of the reasons Acer is losing money is because after you buy an Acer, you then have to deal with Acers lame & disgusting Indian tech support staff. After that Horrid experience, most people won't buy Acer ever again! I know I wont.



I'm so tired of hearing the PCs are dead line.

I've worked in retail for 10 years at a electronics store selling and servicing PCs. I'm also a big PC gamer. Here's what it all comes down to in my eyes.

Gamers know better than to buy a name brand PC. Name brand PCs are made for basic PC usage, (Office, email, Facebook, web browsing, etc...) but generally suck for gaming. Most gamers will either build their own PCs or have someone build one for them. I'm sure if these so called analysts monitored the amount of motherboards sold by retailers such as NewEgg, Tiger Direct and amazon they would see that PCs are NOT dead.

The other side of the coin is that for people who don't game the PCs and laptops that they purchased 5 or even 10 years ago are still fine for running office, email and Facebook. Times are tough. People are saving money and if there's no need to upgrade then they don't. Again, it has nothing to do with PCs being dead.

I haven't purchased a new refrigerator for more than 10 years because the one I have still works fine. Is the home appliance market dead?



You are 100% correct. The people that once purchased these Store PCs are now buying cheaper tablets, but analysts love to claim that PCs are dying because they want to drive up the stock prices on Tablets & Smart Phones so they can make more money. I purchased my first & last store PC in 1996. Built my first in 1999, never purchased a Box Store PC after the first one. Guess the 5 I have built since then don't count in the eyes of those silly analysts.



Seems obvious, but I guess they need to write about something.