Acer Aspire Switch 10 is a Detachable Hybrid with Four Modes of Operation



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At the current time being the Microsoft surface pro 2 and the lenovo thinkpad yoga are the best options for me. They are the only device you need as you can plug them into monitor at work, take with you in the car and use as tablet or laptop with each one being stronger then the other in tablet or laptop mode. This is a tough one but just based on build quality, looks and longevity I am leaning towards the thinkpad yoga. The surface is for 2 years only, it is all glued together and really if they service it do they fix it or just toss it? You can open up the thnkpad yoga although there is like a dozen screws so it can be serviced and maintained. I would see the yoga with a 3yr to 4yr life cycle and the survace 2 years and whenever it died. both are expensive but when you compare the cost of a desktop and tablet that can run windows and everything comes out the same. These are Truly a 2 for 1 device