Acer Announces DA2223 HQL and TA272 HUL All-in-One Android PCs



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Might as well just skip WQHD now and go straight to 4K. Acer finally decided to get on board WQHD after time had already left it in the dust. WQHD would have been great a few years ago (and it kicks 1080's rear) but 2014 has been heralded as the "year of 4K".

The Fire already has gone past WQHD. Keep the progress train a'rollin.



I like this concept and hope that it keeps evolving. I think ARM could eventually reach the same levels as X86 within the next few years and would love to see ARM based big rigs becoming more upgradeable and more powerful with features such as PCIe and SATA, although if we're gonna hit a huge turning point in desktop architectures, a single high-speed, high-bandwidth interface would be nice; some kind of open Thunderbolt-esque interface or massive-bandwidth USB to connect everything from hard drives and video cards on the inside to monitors and input devices on the outside.

Honestly, if we're using a hypothetical 50 to 60 watt ARM CPU, a hypothetical super-interface could supply power, too.



Pretty neat idea, although I think I'd rather have seen them release 15" and 17" HD Android tablets with removable batteries.