Acer: We're All Android, Baby (in the Tablet Space)


Acer, one of the pioneers in the netbook market, is ready to embrace tablets and isn't shy about the direction they're going to take. According to company president Simon Lin, Acer is feeling pretty enamored with Google's open-source Android platform and thinks that Android-tablets will have what it takes to knock Apple's iPad down a peg or three.

That doesn't mean Windows is being left out in the cold completely. Acer plans to test launch a Windows-based tablet built around Intel's Atom architecture in the fourth of this year to see how the market reacts. Come 2011, however, Acer will launch at least one Android-based slate.

Acer's infatuation with Android extends from the smartphone sector, and according to Lin, that will remain the company's main focus in the mobile phone space too. As it stands, most of the 5-6 million smartphones Acer will have shipped by the time 2010 comes to a close will have been Android devices.

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