Acer to Unveil Smartphones on February 16

Paul Lilly

February's turning out to be a busy month for gadget gurus. There's been talk of Amazon unveiling the Kindle 2 on February 9, and one week later, Acer said it will debut its first handheld smartphone. It was less than a year ago that Acer acquired smartphone maker E-Ten.

Barring a typo that says "smartphones launch" on Acer's invitations to a press event next month during hte Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, it appears as though the launch will consist of multiple handhelds, and not just a single model.

Not much else is known about Acer's upcoming smartphone(s), including price points or availability. However, Acer will have to contend with Asus, who recently said it plans to make a bigger push into the smartphone market in 2009, promising at least 10 new models, most of which will support 3G and sport a touchscreen. Dell is also expected to get in on the smartphone game at some point, but has remained vague on when that might be.

Image Credit: Acer via CNet

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