Acer to Delve into (Affordable) Ultra-Thin Territory


Ultra-thin notebooks have been met with mixed success so far, but just in case 2010 proves to be the year that thin is in, Acer will be prepared. According to reports, the ambitious OEM plans to launch an ultra-thin laptop sometime this year. It will probably be basd on Intel's Capella ULV processors, which should give it a bit of oomph.

Sadly, there really aren't any other details to go on, such as specs, specific launch date, or even a projected price point. But we do know Acer plans to keep busy in the mobile market, especially since the OEM has set its sights on being the No. 1 notebook maker by 2011, which would entail leapfrogging over HP.

To help get there, Acer will continue to flood the market with various models, including a Chrome OS netbook sometime this year. Acer will also get into the ebook reader game, another popular segment, but doesn't yet have any plans of jumping on the handheld tablet bandwagon.

Image Credit: Acer

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